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Customers engage with genuine, human content. Decades of impersonal, mass-marketed ads have turned potential customers off of shop talk, jargon, and promises of quality.

They still want to feel like they can trust the products they’re buying, but instead of hard facts and data, they want to feel a personal connection to the companies who sell to them.

As a local business in Santa Clarita, one of your values is community. You put your neighbors — your customers — first.

There’s no better way to portray your connection to your customers than through video. Think about it; you’re a living, breathing member of Santa Clarita’s small town culture. Your neighbors want to know the companies they interact with have their best interests at heart. Convince them of it by letting them see your face and hear your words.

Creating videos for your customers may seem intimidating. Perhaps you’re worried about scripting the perfect pitch to your audience. You might not have a lot of experience working with a camera or editing video files. Maybe you don’t have the equipment necessary to shoot a quality video. That’s where we come in.


At KHTS Marketing, our professional interviewers are trained to get the best out of you. We’ve been interviewing clients for over a decade; we’ll ask the right questions to inform and enlighten your customers while painting you as friendly and approachable.

Furthermore, we have the video production process down to a science. Our professional recording studios are right here in your neighborhood. From cameras and microphones to sound reinforcement, we’ve got you covered.

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get your video online, either. We have a dedicated technical team to encode and upload your video to the web. Our YouTube Placement package makes sure your video shows up on the web’s most popular video sharing site.

YouTube videos can be easily embedded on your website and social media pages, so your customers can easily find them just by visiting your home on the web. KHTS Marketing can also turn your video interviews into thoughtful articles on your website, boosting both the video and your site in Google’s search results.

No one knows your business better than you. Let your customers know that your business is dedicated to quality by telling them in your own voice. KHTS Marketing’s YouTube Placement package can help your Santa Clarita neighbors understand your products and services while engaging with them on a human level.

Looking for more customers? More business?

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