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Marketing to the Social Web

In recent years, smartphones and social media have become a necessary part of the way we research and communicate. With the rise of digital media, we have seen the rise of social media marketing. When a young person looks for a vacation spot, they check out celebrities’ recent getaways on Instagram. When a grandmother sees the first pictures of her newest grandchild, she does so over Facebook messenger. In between each post and message, people browsing the social web see ads for products and services in their area.

Social media reflects the best and the most beautiful versions of users’ lives. Similarly, your business can put its best foot forward by advertising on social media. Social media marketing ensures your business is noticed by your customer base, and that they identify you with the people and experiences they love.

New Forms of Media Require New Forms of Advertising

In the wake of the television era of the 80s and 90s, consumers have grown weary of traditional advertisers on cable television and national newspapers who sell solutions to made up problems in an effort to get people to buy products they don’t really want. You’re different. You’re local to Santa Clarita. You’ve built a business to cater to the needs of your community.

Here at KHTS Marketing, we’re the experts on targeted advertising for your neighborhood. We’ve been working to get websites noticed since 2003, and all of our strategies focus on building user engagement locally right here in Santa Clarita. In the internet era, social media plays a major role in getting your business noticed, and we’re here to help you build your online presence.

Social media is the best tool for local businesses to hyper-focus on their customer base. You can even target people based on where they are in real time. If someone is looking at Facebook on their phone within a ten mile radius of your business, the algorithm can make sure your ads end up in their feeds.

Social Media Enables Businesses to Target Local Customers

You can target permanent residents of Santa Clarita as well as people who are just passing through! This is especially useful for retail and restaurants looking to target people unfamiliar with the area.

With several colleges nearby, young people are moving to Santa Clarita all the time to pursue higher education. There are also lots of established families here, taking advantage of our great elementary and secondary schools. You can target age, education level, and home ownership among many other demographic markers to show certain kinds of ads to certain kinds of people.

A student might see ads for sales you’re running, while customers further along in their careers might see luxury packages you offer.

Social Media Marketing Gets Your Business Noticed

Social media marketing doesn’t just improve your visibility for people who check their Facebook or Instagram daily — it also makes sure people who don’t even use social media notice your business online! When your website is linked on social media, Google boosts your business’ search ranking! Your ranking on Google drastically affects how many customers will visit your website, so it’s important to do everything you can to show up towards the top of Google search results.

Let KHTS Marketing make sure everyone with a web browser in Santa Clarita knows where to find you. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, we’ll get you noticed.

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