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If you’re an internet-user, chances are very good that you’re also using Google search. In fact, Statista reports that nearly 90 percent of all web searches go through Google. By initiating a proven search engine optimization strategy businesses help increase their rank on Google and other search engines.

What does that mean for your customers and clients? When they start searching for businesses like yours, do you want to be at the top of the search results, or buried beneath the competition? The vast majority of customers will never click past the first page of Google search results, so if you’re not there, you’re not getting seen.

It is Important to Maintain a High Ranking on Search Engines

The importance of having a high ranking in Google searches cannot be overstated — KHTS Marketing can help you rank high and drive customers your way by ensuring your business content is conforming to industry standard search engine optimization techniques.

In 2019, Conversion XL reports that over 80% of all purchases begin with online research. Customers don’t always prefer to make their purchases online, though — many consumers of all generations prefer to see future purchases in-person before committing to buy.

Internet Traffic Drives Customers to Your Business

You need to make sure that customers find their way to your business when they begin their digital shopping journey. KHTS Marketing can ensure shoppers in Santa Clarita find your business, and lets them know you’re in their neighborhood.

After all, Search Engine Land has found that 75% of customers who search for products on mobile end up visiting local businesses to continue shopping within 24 hours of their initial search. It’s important that your business is one of the top results results when they make that initial search. Getting a high ranking on Google search will bring you foot traffic from online shoppers.

What Should Businesses do to Improve Their Search Engine Ranking?

You might be wondering — “I have a Yelp page and a Facebook business page, so why do I need to market with Google in mind?” While maintaining a presence on third-party sites is an important part of being seen on the modern web, you cannot discount the trust your customers have in Google. According to Search Engine Land, customers trust private websites indexed by Google twice as much as third-party business listings.

Moreover, you have very limited control over your Facebook business page — are nondescript stylized graphmembers of your target audience really seeing your posts? Yelp leaves only a very small amount of room for you to talk about your business, with reviews at the forefront and very little information on your actual products and services.

You control your website, so you can make sure the customer knows exactly what you’re about — but they’ll never see what you have to say without a high search ranking with Google. Having a business website with a high Google ranking sets your business apart from the competition and drives sales your way. KHTS Marketing can help put you on the digital map.

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