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You can sell the best products in the world, but unless people are buying, your business will fail. It’s important to let the public know who you are, what you sell, and why your customers should choose your products, rather than the competition’s. The bridge between you and your customers is advertising.

Targeting Ads to a Local Market

Maybe you’ve bought ad packages before, with minimal results. This might be a result of state or national ad companies not understanding how to advertise to your local area. If your ads are targeted to the Los Angeles greater area, it doesn’t do much good for you in Santa Clarita; most people aren’t going to drive two hours up the 5 or 14 to shop. pointing at a screen with advertising statistics

What you need is an advertising firm located in your backyard. KHTS Marketing has been advertising small and local Santa Clarita businesses for over a decade — we know how to get your customers in the door.

Since 2003, KHTS Marketing has been working to get small and local businesses noticed. Through local print and radio, as well as targeted online marketing, our hyper-local focus gives us an edge on the competition when it comes to advertising to your neighbors.

KHTS Marketing is Part of the Santa Clarita Community

As a local business, KHTS Marketing has close ties to the local culture. Whether it’s the Cowboy Festival or Light Up Main Street, we understand that many unique opportunities exist for local businesses to show up for their community. We can make sure that your business’ contributions to the local scene show up online and on social media.

When Santa Clarita locals read their social media feeds, you want graphics advertising your business to punctuate their friends’ photos and posts. By coordinating for the season and local events, your business becomes a living part of local culture.

Advertising to a Diverse Base

Your consumer base isn’t just young people on social media — you also want to attract more established members of the community. At KHTS Marketing, we work with traditional, local publishers and radio stations to make sure folks of all generations know about your business.

Ads have never been more targeted, and no one’s better at targeting the Santa Clarita area than KHTS Marketing. We’ll make sure your neighbors know who you are and what you do, because Santa Clarita businesses deserve the best.

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