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Santa Clarita business owners are aware that social media is a great place to advertise, but may not know where to start when trying to promote their businesses online.

With so many different platforms out there, knowing what kind of content to post where is more important than ever.

Twitter is possibly the easiest of the popular social media platforms with which to advertise. Unlike Facebook, Twitter businesses don’t require business owners to tie their business Twitter account to their personal account. Owners need only sign up for Twitter under their business’ name, and they can start advertising right away.

This ease of use is great for Santa Clarita small and local businesses, who budget time between running their businesses and marketing them.

Getting Started

When business owners sign up for Twitter, they’ll be asked to give their name, phone number or email, and date of birth. They’ll receive a text or email with a verification code and set a password to finish setting up their new account, after which they can start filling out their Twitter profile.

First they’ll need to list interests. For business accounts, listed interests should relate to the products and services the business sells. The owner of a car company may want to list “cars” as an interest, for example.

Business owners who plan to tweet about a topic should search for and follow that topic’s Twitter tag. The car company in the previous example might follow #audiophile so they can tweet responses to people talking about car audio setups.


At this point, business owners will want to click on their profile picture to go to their Twitter profile. By clicking the “Edit Profile” button, business owners can update their profile picture and cover image, name (which should match their company’s name), mini-biography, location, and website.

Presenting Yourself Online

Profile pictures on Twitter are quite small, so it’s preferable to use a high resolution brand logo. Cover photos are larger, so business owners may be tempted to use them as advertising space. In general, it’s better to have pictures of people enjoying products or services and save advertisements for individual tweets.

It’s best to give the customer a fluid experience when going between their business’ social media pages and their company website. In order to do this, owners may consider using the same images and colors as are used on their website on their social media pages.

If those images cannot be reused on social media for some reason, it may be a good idea to ask the same graphic designer that worked on the website to create new images in the same style.

Finally, if an owner’s current company website doesn’t contain professional images and graphic design, it may be a good idea to find a designer who can redesign the company website and create graphics for use on social media. Santa Clarita business owners may choose KHTS Marketing to handle both of these projects.


There’s no such thing as dedicated advertisements on Twitter. That is to say, every ad on Twitter is, itself, a tweet. A business Twitter account’s tweets should promote the business by showing off products and listing promotions.

Business owners may also want to reply to other Twitter users’ questions about their products and services through both public tweets and private direct messages.

Even though business owners can’t run ads separately from tweeting, they can promote their business’ tweets. On the desktop version of twitter, business owners can click  “Twitter Ads” or “Promote Mode” by clicking the “More” button, just above the button used to compose a tweet.

“Promote Mode” is currently in beta and allows Twitter users to promote their tweets to others based on their interests or locations for a flat monthly fee. The targeting isn’t very specific, so it’s more useful for content creators who make their money remotely rather than local businesses.

“Twitter Ads” allow a company’s tweets to be promoted within users’ feeds based on many different demographic markers, including gender, age, location, interests, and even what kind of phone they own.

Business owners can specify whether to promote all tweets, tweets with links, tweets with videos and images, or push people to respond to tweets. Owners must pay on a daily basis, with the suggested bid starting at $100 per day.

The differences between these settings — “campaigns,” as Twitter calls them — can be confusing. The various promotions they offer are very subtly different, so it’s important to understand which type of campaign to use when.

If business owners don’t want to take on a second job as a social media specialist, they may want to hire someone to help them with their online advertising.

Business owners in Santa Clarita can depend on KHTS Marketing to build an effective social media strategy for local businesses. Since 2003, KHTS Marketing has been writing content for the web and targeting ads to Santa Clarita residents. Twitter experts at KHTS Marketing can help business owners turn social media into an advertising powerhouse.

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