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Whether you’re raking in the big bucks or going through a slow patch, business can always be better. At KHTS Marketing, we’re here to help you increase customer visibility and engagement.

Whether online, in print, or on the radio, we’re your one-stop-shop for marketing to the Santa Clarita area.

Since 2003, we’ve empowered local businesses to reach their neighbors and boost sales. Our hyper-local focus ensures your advertising dollars go directly to reaching people in the Santa Clarita area. Our methods combine traditional and online advertising models to cover every demographic in your neighborhood.

You Deserve a Glow Up

Nothing makes a better first impression than great graphic design. Our team is ready and waiting to elevate your image. Whether you want to print holiday cards for your loyal clients, advertise in local magazines, post photos and promos on social media, or develop a new logo with a full re-brand, we’re here to help.

We understand that you can’t just use the same image for the internet as in print. We can tweak ads to work in multiple mediums, making sure print ads feature eye-popping images and big, legible print while online ads guide the reader to your website, where they can learn more about you and your products and services.

Have a Home on the Web

Speaking of your website, you need a home on the web that shows the world what you’re all about. Your website should establish trust amongst in consumer base. An outdated, unusable site may give the impression that you aren’t keeping up with the times or that you don’t care about your customers.

KHTS Marketing can create a fresh, new website for your business, or redesign your existing site according to modern design and best code practices.


By redesigning your site, we’ll ensure users have a seamless experience whether they’re visiting on a computer or mobile device. We’ll check that your site is usable by customers with disabilities, possibly saving you from a lawsuit.

We’ll Get You Noticed Online

Having a website is pointless if no one visits it. At KHTS Marketing, we’ve got a tried-and-true method to make sure internet searchers in Santa Clarita see your site in the Google rankings.

Our content marketing specialists create timely content to drive traffic to your site, increasing your online footprint. These high-quality and informative articles build your reputation with the Google algorithm and your customer base. As you get linked from reputable websites, you’ll rise in search rankings and more people will visit your site.

Our dominance of the Santa Clarita keyword gives us the ability to boost your business for users searching for products and services in their neighborhood. We’ll make sure when Santa Clarita locals look for businesses like yours, you’re one of the first names they see.

Create Social Experiences

Before the internet changed everything, advertising was a matter of pushing out content with the masses in mind. Social media marketing has changed that paradigm completely.

If your consumer base contains both students and established families, you can target sales ads at your students and luxury package ads at homeowners using targeted social marketing.

Whether social media users are local to Santa Clarita or just passing through, if they’re reading their social feeds, you can target anyone within 10 miles of your business to see your ads. This is particularly useful in college towns like Santa Clarita, where many young people aren’t familiar with the area.

KHTS Marketing understands how to get the most out of the social web. We can tailor ads to your neighbors, making sure your business is included in hashtags for local events here in Santa Clarita. Your business is a part of the local culture, and we can make sure that’s reflected online.

Be Seen and Heard

At KHTS Marketing, our main concern is making sure Santa Clarita locals know about the rich local business culture just outside their doors. Your business deserves the attention to detail KHTS Marketing provides. Let us boost your business today.

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