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Nowadays, people use social media for everything. We users discover local events, read regional news, and keep in touch with their loved ones using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

On social media, everything we see is local and targeted — our friends’ weddings, our favorite bands’ tour dates, and even advertisements for businesses in our area.

If someone is using social media in Santa Clarita, your business should show up in those ads.

At KHTS Marketing, our goal is getting you noticed online. Since 2003, we’ve made sure the best of Santa Clarita small and local businesses get the web traffic they deserve.

We know that social media matters, and we’ve developed strategies to target customers in your neighborhood.

On cable television or mass print, you’ve always been able to buy regional ads. Social media marketing takes this further, allowing you to target people within just a few miles of your stores.

Moreover, even if someone doesn’t live near your business, they can see your ads when they visit the area.


Santa Clarita is a diverse city. From the students at our many colleges to the families providing for their little ones, your neighborhood clientele come from all walks of life. With social media marketing, you can meet people where they are.

You can display ads for blowout sales to college students while showing homeowners your newest luxury packages. The algorithm can target different people with different ads, showing products and services that are relevant to your customers, specifically.

As a big small town, Santa Clarita has lots of community events. You’re probably taking part in some of them!

From Thursdays@Newhall to the Cowboy Festival to Light Up Main Street, we’ve got a local culture that can’t be beat. Using social media tags, you can make sure your business posts appear alongside your neighbors’ photos when they’re enjoying these special events. Let them know about specials you’re running during festivals and drive up foot-traffic!

Even if someone doesn’t use social media at all, they’re still more likely to notice your business online if you’re doing social media marketing. This is because Google uses social media to determine the popularity of your business.

The more your business website is linked on the social web, the higher Google places you on its search results. Google is the main way people find things online; you want to do everything you can to rank near the top of their search page!

KHTS Marketing can put you on the digital map and make sure everyone in Santa Clarita knows who you are and what you’re about. Make sure your business shows up online with social media marketing.

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