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Nowadays, everyone is familiar with Google. If you use a computer, you’ve used Google to search for something. Have you ever thought of how your customers are using the service?

Every year, more and more people are searching for goods and services online. Even if they intend to purchase items in stores near them, customers like to do research before committing to buy. Nowadays, their first stop for information is Google’s search results.

When your customers search Google, does your website show up in the top results? If it doesn’t, you’re not making contact with customers who could turn their online searches into in-person shopping. Since Conversion XL informs us that 80% of people research purchases online, your place in Google rankings is important.

When a customer runs a Google search for your product, they need to know that you’re an option in their local area. KHTS Marketing makes sure your customer knows you’re here in Santa Clarita by ensuring you show up in Google search rankings.


As a local business, your priorities are getting your neighborhood clientele to walk through your doors. A high Google ranking can help with this — according to Search Engine Land, 75% of mobile customers who search online for products move their shopping offline and end up visiting local businesses.

You might already have a Facebook page or a Yelp reviews page. These are great starting points when making sure your business is represented online. Both Facebook and Yelp have user-friendly designs that make marketing on them easy and drive engagement. However, these tools alone are not enough.

Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, and currently prioritizes friends’ posts and groups over businesses and news outlets. Yelp focuses on customer reviews and leaves very little room for you to highlight the best qualities of your business — you have to trust your customers to do your marketing for you!

This isn’t true of Google search ranking — you control your business website, and KHTS Marketing makes sure it stays visible on Google. You want as many eyes as possible on your best version of your business. Let your customers know your values; show them your products on your terms. Let KHTS Marketing help you tell your story to the world, and we’ll make sure the world listens.

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